5 Exercises With Lots of Online Support

Few physical activities are as difficult to face alone as exercising and losing weight. Having a companion is a good thing when you do enjoyable things like shopping, attending a concert, going to a movie, or playing sports, but exercise and weight loss are difficult. Going online to find support from communities that understand your goals can help you find a plan and stay with it. Five popular groups may provide the motivation that takes you where you want to go.

1. TR90 Program

The combination of nutritionally balanced products, dietary recommendations and practical exercises makes the TR90 program effective. The program unifies your mind and body to form a powerful team that produces results. Fueling your body with healthy protein and an appropriate level of caloric intake helps you make the best food choices as you achieve success with the TR90 regimen. You can find the program’s Facebook page here along with testimonials from others who use it. Before long, your before and after photos can provide inspiration for someone who needs it.

*The TR90 App is a good one.

2. Spark People

Eating at least five servings of vegetables and fruit every day is a central recommendation of the program that includes exercises for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular activity. Getting support from an online community of experts and members provides a motivation for losing weight methodically. No food group is off limits, making it unnecessary to deprive yourself of favorites that comfort you as you seek to improve your health. The program offers results of case studies that share effective strategies, including eating breakfast every morning and exercising at the start of your day.

3. Online Fitness Log

Putting something in writing is the basis of any contract, and having access to an online log that contains your goals and workout schedule helps you stay on track. Encouragement from your online community provides help when you need it, and you can help inspire other members by interacting with them as well. If you like to keep track of how many calories you burn with your regimen, the log provides a place to do it.

Food journals work miracles when it comes to eating food. Often times we forget what we had in the morning at night and just by remembering we can eat healthier.

4. Body Rock

New exercises are available nearly every day to keep you interested and help you avoid plateaus from repeating the same ones. An archive of exercise routines lets you select the ones that appeal to you and are within your fitness level. Members who submit success stories are called “Body Rockers”, and you can apply for membership so that you can share your photos and exercises that work for you.

5. Built Fit

Videos, healthy recipes, and recommendations for supplements are available for you so that you can follow an effective program. Watching a video of an exercise that you have never tried lets you learn how to do it the right way. As a member, you have access to articles and diet plans that help you reach weight loss or muscle building goals.

Online communities that are interested in health, fitness, weight loss, and muscle building are ready to share advice and encouragement with you. Joining forces with others who share your goals can give you the staying power to achieve the results that you desire.


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