5 Reasons People Stop Exercising and How to Avoid Them

Almost everyone knows that exercising offers many benefits, including physical and mental rewards, so it is difficult to understand why some people give up on their exercise plans. There may be some valid reasons to quit, but most people stop exercising for reasons they could overcome with enough determination.


Laziness may be the biggest culprit that causes people to stop exercising. It takes willpower to get off the couch, move away from the TV, put a good book down, or get up earlier in the morning. If you suffer from lack of enthusiasm, try an activity that you enjoy, or take short, leisurely walks, slowly adding distance and speed.


It is normal for people just beginning an exercise program to get sore, so do not attempt to do too much at first. Start slowly, and gradually increase your pace and time to avoid the pain caused by overworking tender muscles.

Lack of Time

When you do not have time for a 30-minute walk or other form of exercise, try doing some type of physical activity several times a day for shorter periods. A brisk walk for even five minutes two or three times every day is better than not walking at all, and any time you can spare several minutes, do a few sit-ups, push-ups or stretches.


When you do not have the right amount of sleep, you may want to stay in bed instead of get up early enough to exercise before work, and after work, you may prefer to take a nap. Either too little or too much sleep can make you groggy and unmotivated, and the last thing you want to do is go for a walk or a jog when you do not have much energy. However, keep in mind that regular exercise helps most people improve their sleep habits.


Walk with a neighbor or family member and enjoy socializing as part of the experience. Combining exercise with stimulating conversation can make the time go by quickly, and you will look forward to your next opportunity to visit as you walk.

If you must walk alone, change your route occasionally, and observe new sights along the way. Bring your MP3 player, listen to your favorite tunes, and even sing along with the music. Playing upbeat music as you exercise inside can help prevent boredom as well.

Social Support

Finding social support will help keep your exercise going because it is always encouraging to share experiences with other people who have goals similar to your own objectives. The Internet provides an abundance of information and helpful tips about exercise, and you can find social interaction online as well. Because of Nu Skin Enterprises’ commitment to health and wellbeing, the company developed a successful weight-loss program to help people lose extra pounds. Exercising is easier for those who do not have to carry excess weight as they walk, run, do sit-ups, or participate in other activities, and Nu Skin’s TR90 program can help people who need assistance with losing weight. The company’s TR90 Facebook page is a good example of a program where people can find lots of support, even if they do not need to lose weight.

Many people become discouraged at times, and the temptation to give up can be overwhelming. However, those who persevere receive valuable rewards that benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.


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