Foods that Offer those Beautiful Tricks – Literally

A lot of people take a great deal of care when deciding which food they should and should not put into their bodies, and it is true that the kind of food that you eat can dictate a lot of other things about your general health. However, did you know that there are certain foods that have other benefits when used as beauty products? Here are some of the coolest beauty superfoods.


Honey is one of the world’s oldest natural sweeteners, but it is also one of the oldest moisturizers. It is often used in hair and skin products, such as moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners, it can fight infections and acne, and it can also be used to make natural face masks.


Avocado is a great natural sunscreen for both your skin and hair. Because they are so oily, avocados can also be used to help alleviate sunburn pain. Adding avocados to a diet can also have multiple beauty benefits, such as eliminating wrinkles, and clearing away dead skin cells.


We always see them in those movie makeover montages, but do cucumber slices actually do anything for your eyes? Well, the perhaps surprising answer is yes, they do! The main reason for this is that cucumbers are filled with water, which is the number one way to reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Lemon Juice

With multiple benefits for both your skin and hair, lemons really are a unique superfood. Among other things, lemon can heal dry skin, soothe chapped lips, freshen breath, revitalize hair, and even clear up acne. You can even use lemon juice to give your hair some natural highlights.


Strawberries contain vitamin C as well as antioxidants and exfoliants, all of which make them great for skin. If your face needs to be cleansed of dead skin or if you have a lot of blackheads, rubbing mashed strawberry on it can be an effective solution.


If you can stomach the thought of egg on your face, you might find that it has great benefits. The yolk will provide moisture, and the whites will help to make your skin more firm.

Brown Sugar

Another useful exfoliant, brown sugar is the perfect thing to use when you need to revitalize sensitive skin and regular exfoliants are just too harsh.


Oats relieve dryness and restore the natural balance of moisture in your skin, which is important if it needs healing. There are a lot of natural face masks that you can make using oats and honey or other foods.

Olive Oil

If you do a lot of swimming, you probably know the harsh effects that chlorine can have on your hair. You can create a hair mask using olive oil, and perhaps some eggs if you want a little extra moisture, and it will give your hair a new lease on life.


A lot of these foods make excellent masks when combined with others, but if you mash up some banana and leave it on your face for about 20 minutes, rinse, and dry, you will find that it gives you the desired results with a fraction of the effort.


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