Keeping Your Kids Healthy

The struggle has never been as real as it is today to keep our children healthy. There is an oft-quoted study that claims that this generation of children have a lower life expectancy than
their parents. And it is easy to understand why this would be the case. Junk food is cheaper and more available than ever before, cars are everywhere, and schools are less active. So in the fight to keep your child healthy, where are you supposed to even start the battle, let alone guarantee a win? Many parents face such a dilemma, but it is actually easier than you might think. Our children may be young, but they are smart and instinctive, and if you give them the opportunity, you will find that many of them actually want to be healthy. So here are a few tips and tricks to help them to realize it.

Make Healthy Food Fun

Many parents soon fall into the early trap of forcing their children to eat boring food, and it soon becomes a chore, then a daily battle, to get them to eat good food. Make healthy food fun for them in whatever way you can. Dress vegetables up with a nice dip, and allow them to dip it themselves. It might be messy, but it will get them the vitamins they need! Most kids love milk, but if they don’t want to drink it, add some food coloring to make it more fun. You can even make each meal a game by coming up with creative ways to plate your food. One idea is to pull out an ice tray and place healthy, bite-sized bites in each square for them to pick from. Healthy food should be something that they look forward to, rather than something they avoid.

Healthy Habits

Start teaching them the basics of healthy living while they are still young, and help them to understand why they must do each thing. Washing their hands after going potty and before meal times, brushing teeth, and taking vitamins. A lot of manufacturers have developed fun ways for children to do each of these things with brightly colored soaps, flavored toothpaste, and chewy vitamins available in just about every store.

Dealing with Seasons

It is good for kids to be outside. There might be dirt and grime and all sorts out there, but it is much healthier for them to be exposed to the outside air, than cooped up inside. Even the bad things will boost their immune systems. In the summertime particularly, you want your kids to be outside under the sun for as long as possible, soaking up that vitamin D. In the winter, the same thing applies, but be sure to keep them wrapped up and warm to avoid cold-related illnesses.

Find their Favorite Activity

By the time you reach adulthood, most people already see regular exercise as a chore. But if you cultivate a love for fitness at an early age, your child won’t feel this way. Of course, this does not mean shoving your child on a treadmill and watching them run. This means finding something that they really love to do and encouraging it. It might be riding their bike, a certain sport or game, anything at all. If they show a passion for it, sign them up for classes, let them cultivate that passion, pressure free, and they will thank you in the future.

The Doctor is Our Friend

Perhaps most importantly of all, make sure that you have a pediatrician for your child, and that they are someone with whom your child becomes acquainted. We are not talking about hypochondria, rather the regular necessary check-ups and routine vaccinations. Make sure that your child knows that the doctor is a friend, not a foe, and make going to the doctor a positive, rather than negative, experience.

Protect Their Eyes

Parents forget this one like no other. I believe in drinking more water to protect eyes. When the eyes are fully hydrated the UV rays from the sun don’t pass through. Truth is your kids eyes will not always be hydrated. In those situations I believe in getting sunglasses like the TR90 glasses which are super intense with blocking out all bad UV rays. I wouldn’t wear these religiously. Your child needs to have vitamin D naturally from the sun.


One thought on “Keeping Your Kids Healthy

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