10 Charities Focused On Helping the Children

Many children need help all over the world, and there are several charities that focus on their causes. Your passion may be health issues or education. You might like to make an ailing child’s dream come true. Undoubtedly, you will be able to find a charity among the eight listed below that is promoting what you believe is a very worthy cause. Whether you volunteer your services or offer a donation, you will be doing your part to make the world a better place.

1. Operation USA

The founders of Operation USA saw a need that they wanted to fulfill. They noticed that most charities are not addressing the plight of children who have been displaced by war, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. This organization accepts private funds to help communities that have been ravaged by the afore-mentioned disasters recover from the catastrophic effects. They do so by re-building the communities, offering healthcare services and providing education.

2. Children International

Children International is a non-profit organization that helps children by providing them with healthcare and education. They also lend their services to improve living conditions within the community. For example, Children International has been instrumental in bringing clean water to areas that lack sanitation services.


UNICEF is a children’s charity that works to save the lives of children living in countries where the child mortality rate is extremely high. This charity provides these poverty-stricken areas with the vaccines and antibiotics that prevent children from dying before their fifth birthdays. Before UNICEF began its work, 12 million children died in 1990 before reaching the age of five.

4. The National Runaway Safeline

The National Runaway Safeline’s goal is simple. These people wish to keep children who have run away from home off of the streets, and they run several hotlines to accomplish this goal. They also have a hotline for kids who are thinking of running away that caters to the kids themselves or the people who know them. They even send volunteers out into the community to ensure that kids know that the hotlines exist.

5. Abducted & Missing Children’s Recovery Project

This non-profit organization’s goal is to find missing and abducted children. It also searches for new ways to prevent abductions from occurring. The volunteers perform their duties by working directly with the families of missing kids to ensure that they have the support they need. They also provide people with a Child Safety Kit at no cost that helps parents teach their children about abductions without scaring them.

6. The National Council for Adoption

The National Council for Adoption’s mission is to place every child who is without a home with a loving permanent family. One way they do this is to bring the issue of adoption to the public’s attention as often as possible. They wish to let everyone know that adoption is an excellent choice to make, and they start with women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies.

7. The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory grants children’s wishes, but it is different from other wish-granting organizations because the children do not have to have life-threatening diseases. Kids are eligible to participate in this program if they have chronic illnesses or other disorders that cause them to experience emotional and/or physical pain. The volunteers make these kids’ dreams come true by raising money for them from within their communities.

8. The Force for Good Foundation

Nu Skin’s Force for Good Foundation is involved with several different organizations that help children. One of their favorite causes is children’s health. To promote this objective, Nu Skin donates money to different charities that provide children around the world with medical care. One of them is the Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund that paid for a toddler’s surgery in Singapore.


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