50 Facts and Quotes about Centenarians

Centenarians are becoming more and more common as time advances. Life expectancy rates are increasing, even among Americans. Medical and technology advances are even helping the unhealthy live longer. They might not be the happiest seniors on the block but they’re alive.

More and more health corporations are making over a billion dollars in revenue annually. It’s not just big pharma or the Doctors that vaccinated you. It’s the health companies that have their product at your gym. It’s the vitamin companies that have made being healthy taste really good. The business world of health is booming.

Technology to protect the human body is advancing to new levels. The hearing aids are more advanced than ever before. Sunglasses have technology built into them to actually block out the bad UV rays and still make you look cool.

Who knows, you might live to a hundred. If you’re like me and you want to achieve centenarianism, here are some quotes and facts that you should know!

1. In first-world countries, as many as 1 in 6,000 people will make it to 100.

2. Being free from disease at the age of 93 will greatly increase your chance of living seven more years.

3. Eighty-five percent of centenarians are women.

4. The oldest living human, Jeanne Calmet, died in 1997 at the age of 122.

5. Three percent of people older than 99 have looked for love at online dating sites.

6. Dementia afflicts 50 percent of American centenarians.

7. For 3 percent of eunuchs in Korea’s royal court, the 99th birthday was only the beginning.

8. Males over the age of 100 enjoy better health than do their female counterparts.

9. Out of every five centenarians, three are disabled.

10. California boasts the highest number of 100-and-older inhabitants.

11. Most centenarians call urban areas home.

12. Twenty-five percent of children born today will likely live 100 years or more.

13. During every decade since the 1950s, the number of U.S. centenarians has doubled.

14. Twelve percent of individuals over the age of 100 are Internet-savvy.

15. Centenarians exist in equal proportions around the world.

16. People born to mothers under the age of 25 are twice as likely as the rest to hit the century mark.

17. Thirty-seven percent of centenarians smoked for an average of 31 years.

18. Nearly 105,000 individuals over the age of 99 reside in America today.

19. One out of every four people makes it to 100 without losing a single marble.

20. Of every 26 baby boomers alive today, one will live to see 100.

21. One in three centenarians resides in a nursing home.

22. African-Americans comprise 12 percent of America’s 100-plus crowd.

23. At least three out of five centenarians will suffer a disability.

24. The survival of traumatic events will more likely lengthen life expectancy than shorten it.

25. One in five centenarians has never exercised.

26. Between 1980 and 2010, the number of Americans aged 100 or more increased by 65.8 percent.

27. Asian-Americans represent 2.5 percent of the centenarian population.

28. A 105-year-old Texas woman ascribed her longevity to bacon.

29. Centenarians are 60 percent less likely than the younger set to suffer from heart disease.

30. One in every 1,000 who live to see 100 will continue on to see 110.

31. Thirty percent of centenarians live at home with family.

32. If your parents survived to a ripe old age, chances are that you will too.

33. A 107-year-old Arkansas man died at the hands of a SWAT team.

34. Although 19 percent of centenarians use cell phones, they don’t often text while driving.

35. Six percent of centenarians identify as Hispanic.

36. Nearly 43 out of every 100,000 Japanese will live to see their 100th birthday.

37. California boasts just under 6,000 centenarians.

38. People older than 99 very rarely suffer from depression.

39. No more than 40 centenarians live in Alaska, suggesting that freezing temperatures won’t always help you keep.

40. Experts estimate that by the year 2050, more than one million people will have passed the century mark.

41. Among the 100-and-older set, psychiatric illnesses are rare.

42. The Midwest and Northeast boast the highest proportion of American residents over the age of 99.

43. Centenarians exist in equal proportions around the globe.

44. American Revolutionary War veteran Samuel Downing lived to be 102.

45. The Japanese attribute their high percentage of centenary citizens to a diet rich in grains, vegetables and fish.

46. One in every three centenarians lives alone.

47. People who have passed the century mark often contain a variant of the FOXO3A gene.

48. Surviving until 80 will greatly up your chances of reaching 100.

49. Extroverts with many friends and high self-esteem are common in the over-99 population.

50. Never-married women are more likely than most to one day celebrate their own centennial.


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