Ashley’s Health Philosophy

My philosophy is very balanced. I believe that raw is ideal, combined with exercise in the most correct form. I do understand that it’s hard to go raw in this world so I help people live a healthy balanced life without everything being raw. Because lets face it, not everyone wants to eat spinach and broccoli all day.

Dark Chocolate Believer

I love dark chocolate and I’m a believer in the dark side! Well, of chocolate of course. I believe if it’s raw and healthy, you can have more, don’t worry about counting those calories. If you decide to eat food that’s not raw, you might want to count those calories.

Yoga is Ideal

My favorite workouts are at the Yoga studio – where you can really develop muscles and extend your strength to areas your body hasn’t exercised in years.

More Oxygen – More Life

Working out to me is essential for peak health success. Why? Because oxygen is what we need the most out of every substance we take in through our mouth. The rich oxygenated environments will help the body prosper. This is what yoga and cardio offer, and I believe every soul needs that for physical success in this life.


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